Albuquerque Vegetarian Restaurants

There’s a darned good reason why Albuquerque was named by PETA as the number three large city in America for vegetarian food.  With the exception of a few evil BBQ places most of the restaurants here offer awesome vegetarian and sometimes vegan choices.  Because we’re so busy, and because massage therapist Karla
is committed to a healthy vegetarian lifestyle we have a meal at one of Albuquerque’s great vegetarian friendlyrestaurants nearly every day; here are some of our favorites: 
Thai Vegan:  Hands down our favorite vegan choice, the chef here greets and spoils us with amazing, almost impossible to believe choices.  Everything is fresh, creative
and BAM! seasoned to thrill.  We could eat here every day and never get bored.  We always begin with (soy) Chicken Satay, and then usually Karla has one of the
many curry choices, and I love the cashew stir fry.  This will be your new favorite. 
On Osuna near San Mateo.  Click here to check out the menu.

Flying Star: I’ve been in love with Flying Star for two decades, so I’m grateful they’re committed to having great vegetarian and vegan choices.  The quality is beyond reproach and remarkably consistent.  We eat at one of the many Star locations two or three times a week.  Karla often has the Buddha Bowl or the Greek Goddess Salad.  I lean towards the Veggie Burger or their special menu choices.  An added bonus is that some locations have “Petios” where Lulu the Massage Dog gets to join us for a meal.  There are several locations, all with a unique hipster vibe and a good chance of running into someone we know.  Click here for the menu.

Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe: No list of healthy veg friendly choices would be complete without Annapurna.  The locations don’t work that well for us so sadly we don’t have it on heavy rotation.  That’s a shame because this independant, woman owned home of Ayurvedic cuisine is always excellent.  Dr. Andrew Weil raves about it, and eats there whenever he’s in ABQ or Santa Fe.  three locations; click for the menu.
Taj Mahal Cuisine of India:   We’re partial to the Taj Mahal since it’s on our “rabbit trail” between work and home, however we are head over heels in love with Malai Kofta, which is cheese and vegetable dumplings cooked in a cream and almond sauce.  I could seriously eat this every meal for the rest of my life.  I’d always been a
Saag Peneer fan, and the Taj does that well, however I now get the Malai Kofta every time.  The charming hostess (owner?) always makes us feel special.  It’s our home away from home…well, if home were India…   
Click for the Menu.

So those are our favorites, however we will make this page a work in progress so check back from time to time.   Before we go I want to note how grateful I am to have Trader Joe’s, La Mantanita Co-Op, Whole Foods, and especially the awesome, numerous farmer’s markets here.  Albuquerque is an awesome place to get healthy and be healthy and respectful of all God’s creatures.   WE LOVE WHERE WE LIVE!
Masterpiece Medical Massage is commited to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.  Call today for an appointment and a copy of our latest book on feeling GREAT:  340-1107

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