Albuquerque Medical Massage Spotlight: How Massage Helps You Heal After A Car Accident

Many doctors recommend medical massage after a car accident. People who have tried Albuquerque medical massage after they’ve been involved in an auto accident have discovered that it is a safe, effective, all natural way to recover more quickly.  Why is medical massage so powerful?

It’s all about balance.  Our bodies are constantly trying to reach a state of ideal balance.  We’re happiest and we feel best when our lives are free from excess and want: it’s not good to eat too much, but you don’t want to starve yourself, either.  Working out 24/7 will surely traumatize your body, but never leaving the couch is a sure route to poor health.

Our muscles, joints, and internal organs are all striving to reach that same state of balance.  Muscles are meant to flex and relax, entering and leaving a state of tension to allow us to move.  Joints are meant to be flexible, allowing us to enjoy a full range of motion.  Our internal organs have complicated jobs to do: it is essential that they remain balanced in order to function.

The goal of medical massage is always to return the body to a state of balance.  Skilled Albuquerque body work experts (Albuquerque medical massage therapists) know the techniques to encourage your muscles – which often remain in a high state of tension after a car accident, unable to release or relax – to return to a state of balance.  When our muscles are perpetually flexed. tight, or knotted, they’re out of balance.  And when our muscles are out of balance, pain is the result.

Albuquerque medical massage brings the body back into balance.  It’s important not to overlook the value of bodywork on our emotional health.  Balance is important in all aspects of our lives.  When we feel better physically, it’s easier to face the challenges of everyday life with more emotional strength and resiliency.


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