Albuquerque Medical Massage Spotlight: Reducing Pain After An Auto Accident

How long does it take to recover from a car accident?

We’re a society built on instant gratification, and we’re not particularly patient people. Experiencing back pain or body aches weeks or even months after an auto accident is frustrating – but it is not at all uncommon. Recovering from a car accident often takes longer than people think it might. Our bodies are equipped with magnificent healing abilities – but these abilities take time.

How Medical Massage Helps Speed Recovery After A Car Accident

After you’ve been in a car accident, you have three routes available to you to deal with and alleviate the pain you’re experiencing.

The first route – which is unfortunately the most popular! – is to do nothing and try to ‘tough it out’.  Maintaining your normal life, with all the physical demands of your job and family, becomes more difficult when you’re experiencing chronic back pain. If you choose this route, you may experience higher levels of exhaustion and frustration.

The second route for pain management after an auto accident is to see your physician. Depending on the nature and severity of your pain, your physician may prescribe prescription medication to alleviate your pain.  These powerful drugs can be quite effective, but they often have significant side effects. There’s also the risk of addiction.  For these reasons, many physicians recommend you explore the third option for pain control after an auto accident: medical massage.

Albuquerque Medical Massage

Medical massage is a form of bodywork performed by a skilled Albuquerque massage therapist. This hands on approach treats pain at its source: the stress and tension that is retained in the muscles after even the  most minor accident. During an accident, our body’s flight or fight  response is triggered. Adrenaline and other hormones flood our bodies. Our muscles tense up, ready to spring into action to save us from the catastrophe – but car accidents are over in the blink of an eye! Our muscles remain tense, and that causes pain.

Massage therapy helps muscles relax and return to their more normal position.  This brings lasting, effective pain relief – without any prescription medications.  You don’t need to suffer back or body pain after an auto accident.  Relief is available!

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What Is The Safest Form Of Pain Relief After an Auto Accident?

Two years ago, Shawnelle H., an Albuquerque resident, was involved in a car accident. “My friend Tyiesha was driving us home after work one night, and she decided at the absolute last second that she wanted to stop to pick up some chicken.” Tyiesha hit the brakes – but the car following them didn’t. “We were rear ended. Nobody was going that fast, but it was still one heck of a wreck.”

“I had my seatbelt on, thank goodness. I didn’t even get banged up. But let me tell you – I felt it, all, right here in my lower back.”  Lower back injuries are extremely common after car accidents. Extreme forces pass through our bodies during a car accident, especially in those areas restrained by a seat belt – the lap and lower back. The result can be chronic back pain that lasts for years.

“I really didn’t know what to do about my back pain,” Shawnelle said. “I didn’t want to deal with prescription pain medication – that stuff can have some awful side effects. I don’t even like to take over the counter pain medications. I mean, they’ve had all of these recalls. Do we really know what’s in that stuff?”

What Is The Safest Form of Pain Relief After An Auto Accident?

The pain you feel after an auto accident can, if left untreated, linger for weeks, even months. Some people endure pain due to a car accident for years!

Shawnelle was searching for safe, effective relief for her chronic back pain when she discovered medical massage. “My doctor actually recommended that I see a massage therapist, and I’m so glad I did!”

Medical massage offers an all-natural, safe, clinically proven way to treat pain after an automobile accident. Massage therapists are trained to identify and release the stress and tension that builds up in the body’s muscles during a traumatic event, such as an auto accident. What that tension is released, the body relaxes, significantly reducing feelings of pain and discomfort.

Car accidents affect our psyche – our emotions and minds – as much as they affect our bodies. The nurturing, supportive healing environment encourages emotional recovery. Medical massage can help restore peace of mind and a sense of balance to people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or upset after a car accident.

How Safe is Medical Massage?

Medical massage is the safest form of pain relief available today.  Because medical massage is provided by an expertly trained, skilled professional massage therapist, it is safe for patients of all ages and body types.

Many people are uncomfortable turning to drugs – either prescription medications or over the counter remedies – to treat their back pain. As an alternative, medical massage offers all natural pain relief. No drugs are required. This means you don’t have to worry about negative side effects or interactions with any medications you may take. There is no risk of addiction with medical massage. Medical massage is your safest option for pain relief after an auto accident.

Albuquerque Medical Massage Bulletin: Chronic Back Pain After an Auto Accident

Why Did My Doctor Recommend Medical Massage for My Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain after an auto accident drives many people to their doctor’s office, seeking effective pain relief.  There are many ways to find relief for chronic back pain, but for many physicians, the best choice is medical massage.  There are several reasons why your doctor may have recommended medical massage for your chronic back pain.

The first issue is one of safety. Medical massage is safe for patients of all ages and body types. There are no side effects to medical massage, and there’s no risk that medical massage will interact negatively with any prescription medications you may be taking. Medical massage, unlike many common types of prescription pain medications, is not addictive. Because medical massage provides a safe way to treat chronic back pain, many physicians recommend it as a treatment option.

Alburquerque Medical Massage Is Safe!

The second reason your physician may recommend medical massage for your chronic back pain is because medical massage is effective. When an expert Albuquerque massage therapist works with a patient, they focus on relieving and releasing tension and stress in the muscles. Once the tension and stress is gone, the patient experiences tremendous, lasting pain relief.

Alburquerque Medical Massage Is Effective!

The third reason your physician may recommend medical massage is that the relief provided by medical massage is long lasting. The relief lasts because medical massage addresses the cause of your chronic back pain – the tension and stress carried in your muscles as a result of the car accident. Massage encourages your body’s natural healing systems so you can experience the absolute pain relief that comes with recovery.

Pain medications, on the other hand, may mask the sensation of pain effectively for a while – but they do nothing to fix the cause of your discomfort. The source of your pain – the tension and stress in your lower back muscles – remains.  Once the medication wears off, the pain returns.

Albuquerque Medical Massage Delivers Lasting Relief!

Albuquerque Medical Massage Spotlight: Pre-Natal Massage After an Auto Accident

What Are The Benefits of Pre-Natal Massage After an Auto Accident?

If you are pregnant, and you’ve been involved in a car accident, your physician may recommend pre-natal massage. Pre-natal massage is a specialized type of bodywork, performed by an expert massage therapist. This massage is safe for you and your baby.

Physicians often prescribe medical massage after an automobile accident, as it is a safe, effective way to alleviate pain.  One of the most common complaints after an auto accident is lower back pain. Pregnant women, particularly those in the late second and third trimesters, often experience lower back pain. Pre-natal massage can be used to treat lower back pain, whether that pain is caused by an auto accident or occurs as a result of advanced pregnancy.

Pain Relief: Massage offers all-natural, drug free pain relief.  This is ideal for the expectant mother. By releasing the tension and accumulated stress from your muscles, particularly those that are still reacting to the stress and trauma of the accident, pain is reduced and even eliminated. This is best for both you and your baby.

Increase Energy Levels: Being pregnant places many demands upon your body. Nurturing a developing child takes energy and strength.  At the same time, you still have all the obligations of everyday life – work, family, community and social connections all need your attention as well. Dealing with chronic back pain or neck pain after an auto accident is like having another full time job, requiring full time energy. Isn’t your plate already full enough? Medical massage alleviates the pain, which takes the demands of experiencing and trying to manage pain right off of your schedule.  Increased energy is the result.

Emotional Benefits: Our relationships with our bodies are complicated at the best of times. Many women experience complex feelings when their bodies change with pregnancy.  Pre-natal massage is helpful at reinforcing the positive, life affirming nature of these changes.

Albuquerque Prenatal Massage During Labor

Stages of labor: Baby, it’s time!

We were excited to see this article at the Mayo Clinic site today, because this very question came up in our practice recently. Albuquerque Prenatal Massage Therapist Karla Linden was asked whether it was appropriate to do a massage session after labor had begun. The patient was delighted that the answer was yes, and a wonderful session occurred that was beneficial in many ways to both the mother and the soon to arrive child.

Have questions about Prenatal Massage? Call Karla at 340-1107 for a free consultation.

Albuquerque Medical Massage Spotlight: Massage for All Body Types

Amy had been suffering painful lower back spasms and chronic neck pain since she’d been in a car accident. Her friend Stacey Anne recommended medical massage, but Amy scoffed.

“That’s not for people like me. I’m just too big.” At just over 300 pounds, Amy was sure that Albuquerque medical massage was not a treatment option for her. “Any time I’ve gone to see a doctor about this pain, they tell me to lose a hundred pounds first, and then come back to them. I can figure that out on my own!”

It took some real persistence on Stacey Anne’s part; in particular they discussed the body support system featured at Masterpiece Medical Massage which allows women with large breats and men with large tummies to be comfortable lying face down. Stacey Anne explained how comfortable she felt at Masterpiece, completely and unconditionally accepted. Finally Amy was persuaded to book an appointment. That’s when she discovered the truth:

Medical massage provides pain relief to people of all sizes after a car accident!

Albuquerque Medical Massage For All Body Types

Being a larger person doesn’t condemn you to a life without pain relief. The purpose of medical massage is to work with your body’s natural healing systems and structures to help you enjoy optimum health right now – not after you lose a hundred pounds!

An expert massage therapist knows how to work with people with all body types. After a car accident, it’s very common to experience neck and back pain. Your Albuquerque massage therapist understands that this pain is real and results from your car accident.

Targeted, nurturing, supportive care is available for every patient. Our practice prides itself on being aware of and prepared for the needs of larger patients. You will always find a warm welcome and expert care. We don’t believe that there’s a size limit on pain relief!

If you have questions or concerns about your ability to seek medical massage after your auto accident, please call us . We’ll be happy to answer any questions, and let you know what the experience will be like ahead of time.

Albuquerque Vegetarian Restaurants

There’s a darned good reason why Albuquerque was named by PETA as the number three large city in America for vegetarian food.  With the exception of a few evil BBQ places most of the restaurants here offer awesome vegetarian and sometimes vegan choices.  Because we’re so busy, and because massage therapist Karla
is committed to a healthy vegetarian lifestyle we have a meal at one of Albuquerque’s great vegetarian friendlyrestaurants nearly every day; here are some of our favorites: 
Thai Vegan:  Hands down our favorite vegan choice, the chef here greets and spoils us with amazing, almost impossible to believe choices.  Everything is fresh, creative
and BAM! seasoned to thrill.  We could eat here every day and never get bored.  We always begin with (soy) Chicken Satay, and then usually Karla has one of the
many curry choices, and I love the cashew stir fry.  This will be your new favorite. 
On Osuna near San Mateo.  Click here to check out the menu.

Flying Star: I’ve been in love with Flying Star for two decades, so I’m grateful they’re committed to having great vegetarian and vegan choices.  The quality is beyond reproach and remarkably consistent.  We eat at one of the many Star locations two or three times a week.  Karla often has the Buddha Bowl or the Greek Goddess Salad.  I lean towards the Veggie Burger or their special menu choices.  An added bonus is that some locations have “Petios” where Lulu the Massage Dog gets to join us for a meal.  There are several locations, all with a unique hipster vibe and a good chance of running into someone we know.  Click here for the menu.

Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe: No list of healthy veg friendly choices would be complete without Annapurna.  The locations don’t work that well for us so sadly we don’t have it on heavy rotation.  That’s a shame because this independant, woman owned home of Ayurvedic cuisine is always excellent.  Dr. Andrew Weil raves about it, and eats there whenever he’s in ABQ or Santa Fe.  three locations; click for the menu.
Taj Mahal Cuisine of India:   We’re partial to the Taj Mahal since it’s on our “rabbit trail” between work and home, however we are head over heels in love with Malai Kofta, which is cheese and vegetable dumplings cooked in a cream and almond sauce.  I could seriously eat this every meal for the rest of my life.  I’d always been a
Saag Peneer fan, and the Taj does that well, however I now get the Malai Kofta every time.  The charming hostess (owner?) always makes us feel special.  It’s our home away from home…well, if home were India…   
Click for the Menu.

So those are our favorites, however we will make this page a work in progress so check back from time to time.   Before we go I want to note how grateful I am to have Trader Joe’s, La Mantanita Co-Op, Whole Foods, and especially the awesome, numerous farmer’s markets here.  Albuquerque is an awesome place to get healthy and be healthy and respectful of all God’s creatures.   WE LOVE WHERE WE LIVE!
Masterpiece Medical Massage is commited to being a part of your healthy lifestyle.  Call today for an appointment and a copy of our latest book on feeling GREAT:  340-1107

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