Albuquerque: Do You Know The Benefits of Medical Massage?

Medical massage has many benefits.  Some of these benefits are of particular interest to anyone who is experiencing neck, back, or lingering body pain after an automobile accident.

Albuquerque Medical Massage: What Are The Benefits?

Medical Massage Soothes Muscle Pain

After an automobile accident, we carry stress and tension in our muscles.  They become tight and knotted.  This causes discomfort, both in the tense muscle and in the muscles that in the muscles that are forced to compensate and carry more of the body’s weight.  Additionally, tense muscles can affect the healthy movement of blood throughout the body.

Medical massage relaxes those muscles and  helps them return to a more natural, healthy position.  Inflammation is reduced, and the intensity and frequency of muscle spasms can decrease or even cease entirely. Medical massage provides safe, effective all natural pain relief.

Medical Massage Increases Flexibility

One of the most common complaints people have after they’ve been in a car accident is a sense of stiffness.  They can’t move their arms the way they used to, or it’s harder to get up out of a chair.  Straightening a knee can mean sheer agony – and a quick glance over the shoulder can take ten minutes when your neck hurts!

Our bodies are meant to exist in a state of balance.  When our muscles enjoy a state of perfect tension – being neither too tight nor too lose, not hypertonic or hypotonic – we are able to move with greater ease. Medical massage can increase flexibilty.  You will be able to enjoy a greater range of motion after medical massage.  This makes living life a lot more fun.

Medical Massage Alleviates Stress and Calms The Nervous System

An automobile accident can impact our lives in many ways.  When we experience physical pain, our bodies are in a time of stress.  This causes our nervous system to go into overdrive. This is an exhausting way to live.  Many people who have chronic pain after a car accident report having low energy levels and lots of stress.

Your Albuquerque massage therapist will use specialized bodywork techniques to reduce the tension in your muscles, improve your body’s circulation, and enhance your overall flexibility.  This reduces the pain you’re experiencing, which allows your nervous system to calm naturally, without the help of potentially harmful prescription drugs.  As a result, stress levels drop and energy levels rise.

Medical massage rejuvenates and replenishes the body – which means the spirit can thrive!