Albuquerque Medical Massage Spotlight: Healing Back Pain So You Can Sleep Again!

If you’ve been in a car accident, chances are that you’ve had more than a few sleepless nights.  It’s very common to experience some form of insomnia after a traumatic event.

The inability to sleep can be caused by our emotional state. Until we work through the shock and other powerful emotions associated with being in a car accident, our brains are working overtime! It’s very difficult to achieve restful, peaceful sleep.

Experiencing back pain can also make it impossible to sleep.  Nothing will keep you awake like the throbbing, insistent ache of sore muscles.  Back pain after a car accident can make it difficult to work or move around easily.  Dealing with lower back pain is like having a full-time job on top of your other responsibilities – and worst of all, it won’t let you sleep!

Albuquerque Medical Massage: Healing Back Pain

Medical massage after a car accident is one of the best ways to heal your back pain.  In fact, many doctors recommend working with a skilled massage therapist. Body work is a safe, natural way to encourage the body’s natural healing processes.

Your Albuquerque massage therapist will work on the muscles that are carrying tension and stress. This tension and stress can linger long after the accident. Your lower back may feel knotted up or stiff.  The pain can range from moderate to severe.

There are several factors that impact how quickly you will recover from an automobile accident.  Physical fitness is one.  People who exercise and are fit have better than average circulation: this is critical for fast healing.  Massage functions in the same way, boosting your body’s circulation.  The faster your blood is moving, the faster oxygen gets to stressed body tissues. This helps you heal.

Find An Albuquerque Massage Therapist

If you’ve been in a car accident and need relief from back pain, you’ll want to schedule a session with your Albuquerque Massage Therapist. Your therapist will work with your doctor to help heal your back pain.  You don’t have to suffer from back pain related insomnia anymore!