Albuquerque Medical Massage Spotlight: Lower Back Pain After A Car Accident

After a major car accident, everyone expects that they’ll be in some pain.  High speed crashes or dramatic rollovers generally result in traumatic injuries, including broken bones. No one is surprised that recovering from a major car accident can take a while.

What about a fender bender? How quickly do you expect to be able to bounce back after a minor car accident.  It may take longer than you think.  Pain from a car accident can linger for days, weeks, or even months.  One of the most common complaints is lower back pain.

Why Is Lower Back Pain So Common After An Automobile Accident?

When we’re riding in a car, it feels like we’re sitting still – the car is doing all the moving, and we’re just being carried along.  However, our bodies are moving through space at the same speed as the car.  When the car is stopped abruptly, the laws of physics dictate that our bodies keep moving – and they do, unless something like a seat belt or air bag stops them!

Seat belts that cover our laps keep our hips and bottoms securely in the seat. When the car is stopped due to an accident, the seat belt plays a critical role.  It stops all the forward momentum of our bodies. While this does keep us as safe as possible, it also places a tremendous amount of pressure and stress on the muscles in the lower back.  These muscles can become strained, hyperextended, or injured during the accident.

Albuquerque Medical Massage For Lower Back Pain

Medical massage is one of the best ways to relieve lower back pain after a car accident.  It doesn’t matter if the accident was yesterday or two months ago: it’s never to late to seek pain relief.  Your Albuquerque massage therapist will alleviate the tension in your lower back muscles.  Once that tension is gone, so is the pain!




Four Ways Medical Massage Can Help After Your Car Accident

What’s the best way to take care of the nagging aches, pains, and general discomfort you’re feeling after your auto accident? Medical massage is the answer. Used to help people recover from both serious and minor car accidents, medical massage can treat muscle aches, joint stiffness, body pain, and a host of other common complaints.

Medical massage is used to augment and enhance traditional medical treatment, and is often prescribed by a physician. Your health insurance may cover medical massage: check with your employer’s benefit administrator if you have any questions.

Here are the top four benefits of medical massage after your car accident:

#1: Medical MassageCan Reduce The Pain You Have After An Automobile Accident

Pain is a signal that our bodies provide to let us know something is wrong. There are many reasons why we experience pain after an auto accident. Injuries that are incurred during the accident can cause pain. Additionally, our bodies often shift and try to adapt when we’re injured, such as favoring a sore leg by ‘carrying’ all of the weight on the other. This adaptation can throw our bodies out of balance, and this causes pain. The emotional impact of an accident can always lead us to carry stress and tension in our bodies. An experienced massage therapist will work with you to alleviate this pain. Medical massage works by treating the underlying source of your pain, working with your body’s natural healing processes to help you recover.

#2 :Medical Massage For Migraine Headaches After an Auto Accident

One of the most common complaints people have after an automobile accident is severe migraine headaches. Migraine headaches can be caused by accumulated stress and tension. Being in an accident is certainly stressful: besides the initial terror and upset of the accident itself, there’s the aftermath of dealing with any injuries you may have suffered, concern for everyone else who was impacted by the accident, and the paperwork of insurance claims, car repairs, and getting your schedule back to normal! A skilled Albuquerque massage therapist can address the muscles in the back and neck that carry this tension, helping you escape the burden of migraine headaches.

#3 :Medical Massage Speeds Recovery After a Car Accident

Our bodies have amazing recovery systems already in place. Medical massage works by encouraging those recovery systems. Injury recovery becomes easier when the affected areas receive plenty of fresh, healthy, nutrient rich blood circulating through the area. The targeted body work your massage therapist will provide increases circulation throughout the body, helping you reach optimum healthy. Breaking down old scar tissue and freeing tension from the body helps you recover normal flexibility and range of motion faster.

#4 :Medical Massage Promotes Peace of Mind After An Auto Accident

Our bodies and minds are connected. What impacts our bodies impacts our minds. When we’re in pain, our moods suffer. When we’re tense and anxious, we carry it in our bodies, and the result is pain. By treating the body with medical massage, we’re also treating the mind. This holistic approach is the best way to help you achieve total recovery after your car accident. Medical massage encourages circulation and the production of serotonin, a vital hormone for peace of mind. Medical massage can help you return to a place of calm centeredness, which is the optimum state for your overall health.