Albuquerque: What Is Medical Massage?

Do you know what medical massage is? Many people do not. In fact, many people have never heard of medical massage until their doctor recommends it for pain control after an auto accident.  This article is to clarify what medical massage truly is.

Albuquerque Medical Massage: What Is Medical Massage?

Medical massage is massage with a purpose.  Medical massage is a therapeutic tool used to treat pain, stress, and body tensions. Medical massage can be used to improve flexibility and increase the range of motion people have in their body.  Physicians often prescribe medical massage after traumatic events, such as car accidents.  Medical massage is also prescribed to treat sports injuries, injuries that occur in the workplace, or to combat the effects of illness.  A specific form of medical massage that is used to treat pregnant women is called pre-natal massage.

Albuquerque: What Happens During A Medical Massage?

Medical massage is performed by a skilled massage therapist.  Massage therapists may be male or female.  The best massage therapists go through extensive training to learn bodywork techniques that safely and effectively alleviate pain. During a medical massage, your massage therapist will work specifically on the area that is experiencing or responsible for the pain: if you have lower back pain after a car accident, for example, your massage therapist will focus on your lower back.

There are a range of techniques that your Albuquerque massage therapist will use to address your pain. These techniques include but are not limited to Muscle Testing, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Positional Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Rehabilitative Stretching Procedures. Many massage therapists choose to specialize in one or more techniques. Your massage therapist will be happy to discuss their treatment choices with you. Their goal is the safe and effective treatment of your pain.

Do I Have To Be Naked For Medical Massage?

No. There is no requirement that you need to completely disrobe for medical massage. Every situation is different, but your massage therapist will always work to preserve your comfort and dignity. It is for this reason that your Albuquerque massage therapist will use a drape (similar to a sheet) to cover the parts of your body that aren’t being worked on during the treatment session.

Do I Have To See A Doctor To Receive Medical Massage?

Medical massage therapists often work closely with physicians. Doctors have the ability to diagnose medical conditions and prescribe appropriate treatments, such as medical massage. If you want your insurance to cover your medical massage treatment, it may require a doctor’s prescription. You can receive medical massage without a doctor’s prescription, and many people do, especially in cases of lingering or chronic back pain after an auto accident.

What Type of Results Can I Expect From Medical Massage?

Medical massage is results oriented. That means the goal is to alleviate your pain, improve your flexibility, and help you reach a state of optimum wellness. Medical massage works by encouraging the body’s natural healing mechanisms. You’ll feel better faster, and the results are long lasting. Best of all, medical massage is 100% natural and requires no dangerous prescription drugs.


Albuquerque Prenatal Massage During Labor

Stages of labor: Baby, it’s time!

We were excited to see this article at the Mayo Clinic site today, because this very question came up in our practice recently. Albuquerque Prenatal Massage Therapist Karla Linden was asked whether it was appropriate to do a massage session after labor had begun. The patient was delighted that the answer was yes, and a wonderful session occurred that was beneficial in many ways to both the mother and the soon to arrive child.

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